Three ideas for tummy time activities

Tummy time is a crucial activity for your baby's development, promoting muscle strength and essential motor skills. Amelia Hastings play mats provide a comfortable and safe surface for tummy time - here are three fun ideas to make tummy time engaging for your little one. What’s your favourite tummy time activity?

1. Sensory Exploration 

Enhance your baby's tummy time by incorporating sensory exploration. Lay your baby down on the play mat and sSurround them with various sensory objects to engage their senses. Introduce toys with different textures like plush toys or crinkly fabric books. Toys that produce gentle sounds such as rattles or bells are also beneficial. This multisensory approach stimulates your baby's senses, promoting cognitive and motor skill development.

2. Mirror Play 

Introducing a mirror during tummy time can captivate your baby's attention. Place a baby-safe mirror within their line of sight on the play mat. The reflective surface will intrigue your little one as they explore their own reflection. This activity supports visual tracking skills, self-awareness, and early social interaction as they observe and react to their reflection.

3. High-Contrast Visual Stimulation

Babies are naturally drawn to high-contrast patterns and vibrant colours. Use this preference by introducing visually stimulating toys or objects during tummy time. Place a black-and-white picture book with large geometric patterns nearby or choose toys with bold colours and contrasting shapes. A visually clean and clear play mat enhances these high-contrast visuals, captivating your baby's attention and promoting focus and visual tracking skills.

Tummy time plays a vital role in your baby's development, and engaging activities can make it enjoyable and beneficial. These interactive ideas will contribute to their physical and cognitive growth, while fostering a strong bond between you and your little one.

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