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We're thrilled to introduce a new range of play mats from Amelia Hastings. Our founder, Katie, a mother of four in Canberra, came up with the idea for Amelia Hastings when she couldn't find a play mat that fit in with her home. Large play mats take up as much living space as a sofa or a coffee table, and she wanted something that could be left out day & night and look like it belonged in the room after the toys were cleared away. Amelia Hastings play mats are lovingly designed in Australia to provide a comfortable and beautiful place for play.

As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of creating a safe and engaging environment for babies and young children to explore and learn. Our play mats have been through rigorous product safety testing and offer 15mm of comfortable foam, providing the perfect surface for play. They are also water resistant and easy to clean. With a variety of designs and patterns to choose from, we hope we can help you to find a play mat that matches your style and decor.

We're excited to launch our range of play mats and to provide parents with a high-quality, safe, and engaging play space for their little ones. We believe that play is essential to a child's development, and we're confident that these comfortable play mats will encourage you to spend even more time playing with your child. 

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